Kama Chemical Peels

TCA peels are trichloractic acid with a base solution containing a stabilised solution of citric acids, vitamin c, copper, zinc, cocamide, sodium, laureth, sulphate, saponies and manganese.

For best results, the treatment is recommended as a course of four at 7 - 10 days apart. Can be done singularly as a good skin cleanser, freshening the skin encouraging  rejuvenation, balancing the PH and oil of the skin.

The treatment works by removing debris accumulated on the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and fibrinogen, thus evening out skin texture, PH and pigmentation. The skin is encouraged to reproduce itself allowing new, younger skin to regenerate to the surface.

The peel is applied to the areas for treatment. Clients may experience some slight discomfort, from stinging sensation to burning. However using frosting  as a guide will ensure that the TCA peel hits a natural buffer and will not penetrate to the lower areas. A post peel mask is then applied.

Side effects can include reddening of the skin, darkend areas may appear (these come off with the peel), soreness and dryness. If you have any symptoms or concerns please advise us ASAP so that they may be dealt with promptly.

Those who have deep facials, hair removal to area to be treated, hair dying with the use of peroxide, will need to leave a week before and after treatment.

Post Care
Do not wash face until following day
Day 1- skin tightens
Day 2 - skin may have clear visible film
Day 3 - superficial peeling/dry skin becomes obvious
Day - 4 peeling becomes minimal
Day 5-10 skin clearer, fresher and rejuvenated
Do not pick at loose skin
Easy TCA Peels

Are used to aid the improvement of acne skin, hyperpigmentation, open pores, fine lines, skin regeneration and rejuvenation. They can be used on most skin types and of any ethnic origin.

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