Kama dermal fillers
At your consultation, your practitioner will discuss realistic expectations, the pros and cons of dermal fillers, if it is an appropriate treatment for you and which is the most suitable product for you.       

All our products have good safety records and supported by individual clinical trials and/or FDA approved.

Side effects may consist of localised swelling, bruising, redness, itching or tenderness. These usually settle after a few days.
The initial appearance may not reflect the final look as the skin will settle.
Like all treatments, dermal fillers can have side effects. If you have any symptoms or concerns please contact us ASAP so that they may be dealt with promptly.

Individual results are dependent on age, skin type, lifestyle, metabolism and the areas treated. You can expect your filler to last from 3 - 18 months. All the
products are non-permanent and will be gradually broken down by the body’s own lymphatic system.

At KAMA potential discomfort is an important consideration for our clients. Our aim is to enusure that our clients experience the most achievable comfortable proceedure.
There are several otions available;

The use of products that contain lidocaine offer an analgesic effect during treatment.

Appliction of LMX4 cream 30 minutes prior to treatment, will take the edge off the discomfort but will not make it pain free.

Injections of lidocaine  hydrochloride 2%  (available on prescription) to directly at the  site or as a nerve block. Usefull for those who have a dermal filler with canula or those for lip fillers.

There are now anesthetic creams containing lidocaine and tretracaine available on prescription. It is a thick gel like substance applied 30 minutes prior to treatment . This provides considerable analgisic effect and its vasodilatory effect reduces bruising.

Pain Relief
KAMA use two types of filler

Hylaluronic Acid:
Is within a polysaccharide (non animal origin) carrier gel and are used to fill both deep and fine lines, hydrate, provide volume and structure to the skin.

Consists of Calcium Hydroxylapatite in a carrier gel and used to fill deeper lines, provide structural support and with the added benefit of stimulating collagen production.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers are long lasting filler for lips, skin contours, (including some scars) and for augmentation of the cheeks, nose and chin. Backs of hands and décolletage.
Post Care

Do not rub or massage treated areas.
Any lumps may be due to local anaesthetic or injections sites. Please seek advice if you have any concerns
If you have any concerns re bruising then please contact us for advice.
Avoid make-up for at least 6 hours, mineral make-up is advised.
Avoid facials for 14 days
Avoid sun exposure for 7 days and use a high factor sun cream
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