Kama microdermabrsion

Derma Genisis Microdermabrasion is an excellent medical grade exfoliation treatment for the face and body.  Used for skin rejuvenation, blocked pores, acne skin, pigmentation, dull, oily or patchy skin. Microdermabrasion offers deep cleansing, encourages the lymphatic drainage and circulation to the skin.

Cuboid crystals are passed over the skin, removing debris, dead skin cells levelling out imperfections. The epidermis and dermis are stimulated by the vacuum, which increases the blood supply and oxygen promoting regeneration of new skin cells, collagen and fibrinogen. As the lymphatic system is stimulated, toxins are removed giving your skin a healthier radiant glow.

For scar, acne and problem skin, more than one treatment will be required. Your practitioner will discuss the best skin care options for you.

Side effects are minimal, reddened skin, bruising, excessively dry skin or over active sebaceous glands.

This treatment can only be offered at our clinic

If you have any symptoms or concerns please advise us, ASAP so that they may be dealt with promptly.

Post care
Avoid make up for a least 6 hours
The skin may appear dry over the next few days
Apply moisturiser frequently
Avoid sun beds for 7 days
Use high factor sun cream
Spots may appear, these were already under the skin surface and as the skin regenerated brought to the surface.
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